Import outsized

"Rostov universal port " continues to work actively with oversized cargo . This was announced by CEO Andrew RUE Leshenko.

Rostov universal port (RUP , is included in the Azov- Don Shipping Company ) is actively engaged in oversized cargo transshipment . "In the port receives a variety of goods for construction equipment , machinery and equipment , metal structures for various purposes , loads in boxes and separate places . Weight of one can reach 125 tons , length - 45 m, width - 7,5 m, height - 4.5 m ", - noted " Water transport ".

Major freight forwarder handling oversized cargo is LLC " RTL " ( Rostov-on- Don) . Transshipment oversize this company is about 90 % of the total cargo handling of this range , said Andrew Leshenko . Besides, the RUE passes outsized LLC "MP luff ", LLC " Instar Logistic " and OOO " river-sea" .

" Approximately 90% of handling oversize is imported . Loads come from Italy, Turkey and Romania , where the handling of oversized with large-capacity fleet ships on mixed "river- sea" navigation . Country of origin of goods - is Turkey , China and the EU countries . Were shipped from Russia to Bulgaria oversized loads and Guatemala ( with intermediate congestion in Turkey) , "- said General Director of Rostov universal port.

Work with heavy and oversized cargo in port allows the presence of specialized Liebherr mobile crane with lifting capacity of 65 tons . When overloaded cargo weighing more than 65 tons of used recovery train JSC " Russian Railways ".

Ability to work with design , heavy and oversized cargo - one of the competitive advantages of RUE, while the port is not an absolute monopoly in the region corresponding to power there in Azov and Rostov- on-Don. "The complexity of handling is that you must strictly execute production design work on the handling of bulky cargo , which details the load weight , locations and methods of slinging , the location of the center of mass of cargo stowage and ways to organize the warehouse or vehicle. In addition , you need a variety of portable lifting equipment and accessories ( slings , beams , lifting clamps , etc.) complying with the rules of design and safe operation of cranes . Fortunately, in the Rostov universal port there and highly qualified personnel , and all the necessary equipment to deal with such complex goods ", - said Andrey Leshenko .