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LLC Rostov Universal Port (RUP) renders a full complex of forwarding, logistic and stevedoring services. The enterprise is a part of transport group "Azov-Don Shipping Company" . The port provides a direct exit in Azov and the Black Sea.

Today the Rostov universal port of 100 hectares has seven modern mooring complexes with the extent of a mooring wall of 1150 m. Loading and unloading works in port conduct more than 30 pieces of equipment, including 14 portal cranes with a loading capacity from 10 to 65 tons everyone. The area of open warehouse areas makes 90 thousand sq.m. The nomenclature of freights with which RUP works, is submitted by containers, coal, grain, mineral fertilizers, metals, cement, feldspar, sulfur and other freights.

The first stage of the 15 million tons per year coal terminal was put into operation in 2010. In 2011 the 50 thousand TEU container terminal in a year started working.

In port the customs control zone is equipped and three check points through frontier of the Russian Federation work.


RMPP provides to the clients the whole complex of services:

  • Loading, unloading of vessels and cleaning of holds after unloading
  • Storage and accumulation of freights to the sizes of ship parties
  • Warehouse operations with freights
  • Transfer of freights from one type of transport on another
  • Receipt of goods from the rolling stock, motor and sea transport
  • Registration of all complex of shipping documents on reception and sending vessels
  • Registration of commodity-transport consignment notes on the freights sent by the railway and motor transport

The nomenclature of freights make

General freights

General freights

The nomenclature of the general freights passed in LLC Rostov Universal Port, includes freights in big-begakh, in pallets, freights in boxes, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Bulk cargoes

Bulk cargoes

The port provides a full complex of loading and unloading works on transfer of such bulk cargoes, as coal, coke and scrap metal.

Grain freights

Grain freights

LLC Rostov Universal Port carries out services in transfer of grain freights in direct option. The port works with wheat, barley and corn.

Container freights

(including refrigerator)
Container freights (including refrigerator)

In port the container terminal which hardware allows to process 20 and 40-foot containers with various nomenclature of freights, including containers with refrigerator freights works.

For power supply of refrigerator containers RUP has stationary refrozetka.

Bulky and heavy goods

Bulky and heavy goods

The port carries out storage and transfer of various bulky and heavy goods. For work with heavy freights of RUP uses the specialized Liebherr crane with a loading capacity of 86 tons.

Norms of loading/unloading in days

  • Coal 3000 tons
  • Scrap metal 1000 tons
  • Spar in bulk 2000 tons
  • Grain 1200 tons
  • 1000 tons Freights in big-begakh
  • 800 tons Freights in pallets
  • 150 TEU Containers


Azov-Don Shipping Company transships the cargoes on the roads of the Russian port Kavkaz. The loading rate is 10 thousand tons per day. Depth of the port roads allows receiving vessels up to 14 m draft. Transshipment to large-tonnage sea fleet allows shipping single lots of coal, sulfur, grain cargoes of up to 70 thousand tons volume.

Azov-Don Shipping Company offers its customers an entire range of services of container operations. Cargoes are delivered to the terminal at the Rostov multi-purpose port by the weekly container line routed Rostov-on-Don – Istanbul. Being the feeder for the leading global lines having transshipment in Istanbul, Azov-Don Shipping Company provides delivery of cargoes practically from all ports of the world.

The Rostov multi-purpose port disposes of a coal terminal of 1,5 mln tons capacity, with simultaneous storage standard 120 thousand tons.


Investment project MTLU development "Rostov Universal Port"

By the resolution of the government of the Russian Federation of 20.05.2008 No. 377 the investment project "MTLU "RUP" Development" was given the status of nation-wide value. It is included in the federal target program "Development of Transport System of Russia" (2010-2015 and till 2020).

The total cost of the project makes 24,3 billion rubles, including financing from the federal budget of 6,4 billion rubles and from the regional budget of 1,2 billion rubles is provided.

Projects aims

  • Construction of modern transport and logistic knot by the general goods turnover до16 one million tons per year
  • Creation of competitive conditions for switching of export freght traffics from the ports of Ukraine and the countries of Baltic on the ports of Russia
  • Granting in uniform transport knot of a full complex transport, logistic and services of world level
  • Creation more than 2000 new workplaces
  • The solution of environmental problems, creation of a sanitary protection zone, reduction of harmful emissions of industrial enterprises in environment.


  • Existence on an ustyevy site of the river Don of the territory of 400 hectares provided by the General plan of the city under construction of MTLU "RUP"
  • Shore and the internal water objects, allowing to create the water area and port hydraulic engineering constructions up to 5 km long
  • The territory of port is located on crossing of the international means of communication of three means of transport: water, railway and automobile (navigable river Don, railway junction largest in the south of Russia "Rostov-Bataysk" and federal Don M4 highway)
  • Own fleet of "Azov-Don Shipping Company" and other shipowners working at transportation of goods between internal and ustyevy ports of the South of Russia and ports of the Black and Mediterranean seas.

The project provides creation:

  • to 27 modern universal and specialized mooring complexes
  • container terminal
  • coal terminal
  • grain terminal
  • the terminal on transfer of mineral fertilizers
  • industrial and logistic parks
  • life support systems, port railway classifying sections and exhibition stations, intra port automobile and railroads
  • check point through frontier, buildings of the port authorities, a control system of movement of vessels, navigation and communication
  • external and internal water areas up to 100 Hectares, approach channels and raids for parking of vessels.



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